Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Misha and Yemoje - The Tattooed Women

I'm reading The Tattooed Woman by Marian Engel. It's a collection of short fiction. The first story, which the book is named after, deals with a woman who starts cutting lovely patterns into her body and face after her husband reveals he's "in love with" someone else. Yes, it's morbid. But she does it, not to hurt herself but to transform herself. When she's sent, by the husband who sees the scars, to a sympathetic doctor and long time friend, he recommends a vacation; "You should go somewhere hot. It will make a very striking tan."

For whatever reason, I took alot from that final sentence. I started these pieces before I read the story - they're apt though as I found out. It's a sentiment that was timely - it applies to last year for me. Whatever comes this new year, I'm going to take the troubles, the damage that maybe done and make it something striking.

Misha DetailYemoje detail

Strike a pose people! It's all good.

Peace, Love and Happy New Year,


Bright Light Warrior Nika said...

This books seems very interesting A must read!

Anonymous said...

just saying hi to you too!

CĂ©cesque said...

That book sounds great.I won't mind looking into it sometime.Very lovely work,as usual and happy new year :)

PhoenixLyrisis said...

Hi happy new year to you also.
And may God bless you in all your works.... Take care God bless!

Anonymous said...

The hair is nicely done, as well as the intricate patterns on the clothes. How interesting that one can see the wrinkles there. Abstract yet life like.

z.bediako said...

thank you for sharing your beautiful works of art. each picture gives me strength. you are such an inspiration. if ever you doubt yourself (and we all do from time to time) - see yourself - really SEE yourself. you are brillant!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I want it ... actually, I want nearly everything on your blog! Please begin to offer more of your work on your selling page. I'm currently purchasing a few things for my first home that I will be moving into quite soon. To have something of yours spice up the place would be amazing!

calethia deConto said...

Big ups from Los Angeles!
Beautiful works.