Monday, 10 January 2011

Bits of Things

Bits of Things

A Bit of Orange

A Bit of Pink

A Bit of Purple

I really enjoy small objects, eyes and an interesting face. I got all three here.

Keep good,


Marie said...

Very nice!!! Love the texture of the paper against the colors.

Faysal said...

Very cool pixes.

Fourborne said...

You are a Stylish Blog Award Winner. I love your art. If you choose to accept this award tell 7 things about yourself that other bloggers don't know and pass award on to 15 of your favorite blogs.
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Retromus-ik said...

I love the amount of detail in the eyebrows. Beautiful!

peenkfrik said...

Been silently viewing your art in Buzz. Really something different. It's inspiring me to paint more. :)

urbanchic4u said...

wow your work is amazing. stay blessed ..xx

maya said...

i found your work through Niki @singlebubblepop and you are incredibly talented!!! you've captured something unique and refreshing and i can't help but stare. keep creating amazingness!!!

Elle said...

I love your art! I use the pics as screen savers. You have an awesome gift.
Be blessed.