Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Things To Be Done With What Is

Paper Queen Lila

What I'm interested in at this point is not what things should be or ought to be but what they are and what can be done with them.

I'm thankful, as I aim to be at all times, for things that are.

This is Lila...she's a lady born out of things that are - not the expectation, not the assumption, not even the hope. Just what is.

I trust that you are all wonderful and Hello! to new followers. Wonderful to have you!


Marie said...

New follower here:) Hello! Love your work.

Di said...

Bri, hello!!!

You have said: Just what is!
There are wise words - The essence of life! I am who I am, this is what it is.

Warm hugs and in the upcoming 2011 year love and happiness!!!

Gerri said...

Very profound!