Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Things You Might Appreciate


At Alice Yard there's a sale going on curated by The Cloth and featuring locally made jewelry, clothing, bags and art by designers like Lupe Leonard, Robert Young (the Cloth), Olivia Fern, Chizl Menswear and myself. It runs until Christmas Eve. This is a late announcement, but it'll be worth it to stop by.

On that note, I met, or was reacquainted with Alixzandar Morle, an industrial designer and he took this photo. I really dig the colours. These are some of the collages, like Sula the Paper Queen, on sale at Alice Yard.


Cécesque said...

I'm supposed to be checking this out tomorrow,can't wait to see all that's there.Also,I've seen some of Alixzander's work.Very talented fellow.

WizzyTheStick said...

really late notice for me:-( there is no way i can make it. pity.