Friday, 17 December 2010

A Woman's Worth and Coming Out

Last night was Softbox's Open House. Had a good time all night even though I didn't stay around too long. This was important for me since it's the first formal showing I've had in Trinidad. I'm thrilled with the response I've gotten and would like to thank a few people who'll remain nameless but have always been my greatest supports in spite of all things. And for that I'm thankful.

Here are a few shots of the evening. I was quite nervous; the public aspect of this is still quite unknown to me.

Brianna 2




Early this morning I discovered this feature and I was deeply honoured. I don't really have the words but I can say thank you! It's always important to me when people take valuable things from my work...this is an awesome example and it's an awesome example of the best I could inspire. Check out Art Star Blog and the great piece written by 8track Honey.

People, I love this!

Brianna McCarthy, based in Trinidad & Tobago creates art that exemplifies the beauty of diversity. Fueled by the people of the island in which she dwells she uses watercolors, graphite and paper to tell a story which at face value may convey an exaltation of outer beauty, but when examined deeper divulges the uniqueness of inner beauty. Imperfectly shaped eyes speak more for her characters than their words ever could, they evoke a sense of pride and confidence that every woman should have within herself and when interacting with other women. My favorite works are her collections of busts, despite their skin color and hair texture they tell a story that can relate to every woman; bound by a simple white backdrop, each figure declares their true worth, undetermined by fabricated images and the opinions of men.

Keep good, be lovely and live!


brainella said...

You are so very deserving of these wonderful words and accolades.

MalibuMara said...

omg i love this post.
congrats and your art is amazing as usual!

T'arr.a Lu said...

Congrats! Stay blessed. You'll always be an inspiration.

Cécesque said...

Congratulations,love your work and good luck in future endeavors :)

Jnnifree said...

Great! This means you may offer them for sale soon? :)

Gerri said...

Congratulations to you. ;)

Shukura Li said...

you got your work exhibited
well done


Kimberly Michelle said...

WOW congrats & great work!!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

hello my love---you are so blessed and you have a beautiful spirit --i pray we get to meet one another in this lifetime--love you!

Littlest One said...

Many Many Congratulations!! I agree.. you are definitely deserving. Love, warmth and blessings to you sis. :)

Di said...

Bri - beautiful girl! Your joy awakens my deeply smile, and Im happy seeing light in your eyes.

Your works are original, have an extraordinary energy, they tell stories about women and about your soul.
Congratulation. Warm hugs!

mysskay said...

beautiful words! congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brianna, congratulations! Enjoy the fruit of your labour. I would really like to collaborate w/ you on a project that's very close to my heart. I emailed you the info. Just in case you didn't receive it, you may reach me @ or
Peace & Thanks,

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZINGLY talented! WOW! I'm floored!