Friday, 9 October 2009

As A Matter of Fact...


This is Faith...

I've realised that I don't write much about myself on my blog, which is partly due to being very private and partly due to being unsure of what to say. I much rather be asked a question than to volunteer information. Naarya made this easier on me by having her awards come with a series of questions. This might also be a completely pointless exercise, it's fun though.

Thank you Naarya!

Here we go:


Retromus-ik said...

Hey Bri!
Your girls are so beautiful, and they have such character.
I havent read a good book in a while(that hasnt been assigned by professors)
I think I'll check out the Beautyful Ones are not yet born; the title captivates me;)
By the way, I just noticed you gave me the kreativ award! Thank you; I appreciate it, especially coming from you:)

Heliotropism said...

Sometimes the art speaks for itself and tells volumes about the person. Your beautiful art speaks to me of who you are... how you view things (maybe view yourself - strong, independent, yet reserved). You are definitely talented.

I like your response for television... mine would be the same... or pointless. I never watch tv, LOL!

Jorden said...

I wish I had eyebrows like that :)
Beautiful pictures!

Hackett said...

digging the illustrations

مى said...

I love the drawings! This post is really nice :)

Natalie said...

these pictures are soo fantastic on ur blog. you're an incredible artist! :)


Sasha Holloway said...

you are amazing girl .. amazing .. I am linking you up to my blog and my facebook ..