Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Playing Dolly House

Miss Dolly


I really, really loved playing dolly house.

I'm not a typical doll lover - I don't collect them but some of my favourite childhood memories have to be of making doll's clothes. I used to get scrap cloth from the neighbourhood seamstress, inspiration and practical knowledge from my sisters and free reign from my imagination.

It was where my hands learnt what they were good at - I cut the tips off my index fingers a few times making arm and button holes. I still enjoy hand sewing.

It was easy to get lost in that place where every colour matched with every pattern and there were no rules.

It changed as I grew. Almost as if in growing I really lost the eyes with which I could see and understand the importance of play and that life really was about finding a rhythm in the cacophony.

I'm exploring now - . I'm adding a little goodness, a little beauty at a time. Finding my rhythm, embracing necessary change and keeping my vision true. Each time we change, we attract people who respond to that change, that difference. To, not who we were, but to who we are and promising to become.

This is a peek at a series I'm working on - handsewn fabric dolls. I'm finding importance in these faceless beauties - I can see her expression clearly; I hope she talks to you too.

Keep good till soon!



Modé said...

I looooove it! It's so inspiring. I love the fact you experiment.

Anonymous said...

You're amazing! Your talent knows no bounds!

Lion-ess said...

Wonderful! Experiment and I will buy xxx

Deborah said...

Really digging this. I am a big fan of your work. And welcome to the family of dollmakers. I make them too among other things : )!/GraysonStudios

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And just like that, you've inspired me AGAIN.
I've been wanting to make doll clothes but can't afford the ball jointed dolls. Hand sewing dolls is the perfect way to scratch my sewing itch.

Mastrisofha said...

I'm dropping in here now and then, and every time I get so inspired! I really love your art, it's so unique! I can't help but feeling a little happier each time I've been visiting your blog, so thank you for sharing!

Samantha said...

Love the direction you are going with these........ gives me an idea!!!!!! Hmmmmmm.

MINASEK said...

Beautiful and very good job. I like your dolls especially theirs clothes.
Cos like you dolls is about clothes;