Friday, 2 September 2011

Do You, Be You


It is with an uneasy and suspicious spirit that I'm looking for some hope, some universal power, the impetus that will soothe my fears when the time to push, to move, to fight comes.

Maybe it's the frustration of feeling locked in, maybe it's the frustration of knowing that there's working girls all over (among others) who can't make a living these days since they no longer own their nights, maybe it's the frustration of knowing that 3 months of States of Emergency and curfews will not stop crime. Whatever it is, I'm anxious. I'm awake though. And that's always good.

It have more to say on this. Soon come.

I've been going through the lovely notes from those of you who sent envelopes for 'zines. What powerful encouragement! To Michaela (in particular -- remember; Do you, Be you. And it's quite alright :]) and everyone else who, like me, needs a little kick, a little reminder being yourself is paramount in living your best life. Not always easy, but necessary. 

This lady is for you.

I have 4 songs on replay. The one that stands out most right now is FreeTown Collective's "Love in Transition". I can't shake the mood and this song just amplifies it. When the funk lifts I feel my insides groaning in time to 3 canal's "I Am (The Re-Evolution)".

Keep good (Trinidad) and stay lovely!


PurpleSkyyys said...

This drawing is something serious and so breathtaking...I love it.

Monet said...

Oh no, are there no more 'zines left? I finally got a day off work when I can make it to the post office :-(