Monday, 6 June 2011

Something To Say

I'm at a point, I think, of starting over. I see it as the place where I decide what's next...not as a piece added on to what is already there; I prefer not to think of it like that, but as an action, a process, a sequence that allows me to shed, molt, to throw off the old and wrangle with the unknown that's always floating around me.

I'm not at all sure of anything...I do know that in many ways, life is limitless...but that's about all I know. I'm holding on to that for now; what else is there?

I find wonder in the little things; there's a light breeze and I'm watching the poui seeds ride it on their little wings it out of their pods. They look like tiny white butterflies from here, en masse, taking to the sky. I'm going to smile all day.

This is a recent video interview with ARC Magazine where we talked about Big Fish. Watching myself is awkward...:] Check it out!

Big Fish was also featured at Fly - much love Andrea.

Walk good,


Modé said...

Insightful interview. Thanks for sharing!

Gerri said...

I can relate to the thought of "starting over, shedding, molting..."
Great to hear your voice. ;) peace

Retromus-ik said...

Great interview. I really love Big Fish!