Thursday, 16 August 2012

Full of Grace

"O male odale o san rere / The spirit of the earth that wanders freely.
- Prayer to Oshun

Saint Never Come Again

Saint Make Do + Be Good

Saint Never Come Again (progress shot)

I've been meditating on these attributes we place on our saints, gods and goddesses - there's a way for them to intervene in any situation. There's a specific deity or saint for small crises and catastrophes.
I've been needing help with my own dilemmas - seeking to find these all purpose, indomitable attributes in myself.  These are my personal saints and goddesses  - to guide and strengthen and protect.

This series is in progress. Better pictures and more to come.

Love + Light
Keep good,


Maria-Victoria 'vICkA' MALELA said...

magnifique !!

Anonymous said...

Lovely and true.

Samantha said...

Are you contemplating the futility of religion?

Naarya said...

made me think. your art has served a great purpose by inducing free thinking.

Martin Cox said...

It's not seeing an art, sometimes it seems to a realistic wonder creation and collections of ancient colossus.

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