Wednesday, 29 February 2012



Sorry I've been so out of touch. Have been preparing for my first solo show AfterColour  scheduled for March 15th 2012 at Medulla Art Gallery in Trinidad.

AfterColour takes a look at the contemporary dynamic of complexion defining beauty in diasporan women. It examines the representation of women of different shades of skin, by themselves and by others, and the idea of 'shadism', both in Trinidad and within a wider, global discussion that's happening right now. 

Exploring the levels of value and beauty associated with skin colour and hair texture, the show, comprised of five separate bodies of work and mining inspiration from local classified ads, youth culture, anonymous online statuses from all over the internet and the artist's personal experiences, presents a new work as its focal point - McCarthy's "Colour(ed)s" - imagined representations of women in a possible future, after racial markers and shade have lost their status as such greatly defining characteristics.

The new work and the point of this show is a response to the issues of shadism, colour politics and ideals of beauty within the Diaspora. 
There was alos this pamphlet which appeared in my mailbox which made me grimace - "New Hopes, New Dreams and A Beautiful New You! Ashe Skin Whitening Cream".
I thought, what? and why? 

If you're in Trinidad, it'd be good to see you. If you're not, I'll have an e-catalogue and lots of pictures shortly.

Keep Good and Be You!

The image below is some preliminary work done for the show.

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