Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Perception Changer

Been a week of firsts.


Erzulie with children


This is Erzulie, my part of a mural on the CGA's wall in Laventille, Trinidad. It's a collaborative work between Wendell McShine, myself, and some art students from Success Laventille Composite.

Laventille, a "depressed area" is well known as a crime and gang hotspot in Trinidad; bogged down by stereotypes and social stigma but is also one of the most culturally active spaces I've encountered.

I'm hoping Erzulie adds even more love to it all.

More to come on this!

Joanna Crichlow and myself (red shoes)

Mariel Brown and Chris Cozier
Painter Irenee Shaw
Artist Talk
Photos by Rodell Warner

And I had my first public "artist talk" at Alice Yard with Joanna Crichlow, a visiting Barbadian artist. (That's me in the red shoes)

When I just started showing work online, the focus became my inclusion of natural Black hair - partly because I was a recent natural navigating my own difficulties and issues with the choice and the reaction to that and partly because I wanted to illustrate women who looked like me, like you perhaps, just as lovely but without the hommage to the perceived "better-ness" of processed hair. What I have noticed is that now my ladies sometimes don't even have hair. My focus had changed as I move into a new part of myself and my experience.

I'm deconstructing me. Learning my layers. Mapping my self in contour and shape, pattern and colour - these have become the important things. I've dealt with what I look like; let's deal with what I am.

I've wanted to change perceptions, alter the norms of beauty, create spaces of self-acceptance - I think it might be my purpose.


Lion-ess said...

This is beautiful!! I'm hoping to visit Trinidad for Carnival and would definitely check it out. My aunt used to live up there.

Lilia said...

I think that you are doing great demonstrating and finding your purpose in life.

DASI GLAM said...

It is just magnificent.

LuciFreedom said...

Your work is amazing and truly inspiring. Keep on going

Hackett said...

Awesome, keep on working!

Patricia Grannum said...

Great work Brianna. I love Erzulie, to me she represents the complexities of womanhood/humanity. Very inspiring. I'll have to check out the mural one of these days :-)

hbynoe said...

didn't know I could feel proud in this way...I so proud of you Bri.

Marc Marie-Joseph said...

I'm very surprised and very pleased that once you ask for Erzulie of takes care of this area of ​​Laventille. I wanted to know if there was a ritual of contact with the place, the atmosphere of this area so special ?

Summer Edward said...

The mural is glorious, will look for it next time I come home. They way you articulated your realizations about self/-perception and your dawning understanding of your purpose made the hairs on my head raise. Congrats!

TanishaRenee said...

The mural is beautiful!! I found your blog from Essence Vibez's blog and hope you don't mind me popping in! Have a great day!

Niki Tasha said...

You continue to inspire me! I lived in laventille for a good part of my childhood haven't been in a decade but I appreciate what you are doing for my hometown! Thank You