Sunday, 1 May 2011

On Being a Mermaid or a Big Fish

“I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.” - Anais Nin

A few updates and some love to you!
Exhibited Big Fish as she was at Alice Yard for ARC Magazine's Trinidad Launch...and I found that I loved her quite a bit. A bit more to be done and the tag attached and she'll be off to her new home.
Big Fish at Alice Yard 2011 full
Working on the installation at Alice Yard.
Big Fish at Alice Yard 2011

ARC Magazine's second issue launch was held in Trinidad last week. Needless to say, it was an honour to be this issue's featured artist and to have met and interacted with the most lovely people. Made some new friends - felt such love - always wonderful things.

photos by Kibwe Brathwaite

The magazine is available locally, regionally and in the US and can be bought online here.

Rodell, took some lovely photos and made these .gif paintings. His Worker photos were published in ARC and his .gif installation appeared at the launch.
Rodell Warner Worker Portraits
As usual, his support is key as the beauty of the cover image and practically all the images of my work which appeared in ARC were shot by him. He also took these in having fun and trying to find an image to use for the magazine's website:
I'm also enjoying these Hipstamatic pics shot by Nadia Huggins :] I really do love them:
HipstaPrint by Nadia HugginsHipstaPrint by Nadia Huggins
Image overload! My apologies :]
What I want is to keep focused, grounded and working. Learning things everyday.
Keep good and walk good,


Hackett said...

I really like that fabric orientated piece.

DASI GLAM said...

Love it!

hbynoe said...

I hope the new owner knows how to lend. It is a beautiful thing to support your work.

Retromus-ik said...

You are so talented!:) I also love your outfit.

Ria said...

Love the 1st piece and the quote.

ugmojoe said...

WOW! your work is dope! (and your pictures are soo cute!)

Xay B. said...

Ran across your blog through the feature on That GOOD GOOD. Your stuff is great. Hope you keep doing good in the future.

Saad said...

Mammi Watta