Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Dream and A Locket

A Dream and a Locket

I wouldn't usually have two new posts one day apart but it's early morning and I'm awake. I also don't tend to blog about what happens off the internet and outside of illustrating. I've been having strange dreams for sometime but this time, I needed a break. Not necessarily from the dreams; I don't often have bad dreams, but from the thoughts that perhaps wait until I'm at rest to arrest me.

I have this locket I've bought myself and a realisation that there's no one I want to put in my figurative heart. I'm the sentimental if being an artist didn't already convey that. That's a little disappointing but it's also a good thing since when I do decide on putting some lucky person in there, they would have been worth that.

I have my cat sitting in my lap; early morning company at its very best. No words, no judgments, no expectations - except a little attention and enough love for me.

My latest fascination is dance. Just like the sketch above, I'll let you know how that progresses, if it does at all. I'm also a believer in hot yoga. It's fantastic. That's progressing.

I feel I going back to sleep.

Keep Good,


Bright Light Warrior Nika said...


~Decidedly Imperfect~ said...

Love this post! Probably because I'm also up way too late needing a break or maybe a breakthrough. I have a locket that I got almost 10 years ago. Everytime that I wear it, someone opens it to see who's inside. Still there is no picture in it. I often wonder when I'll put one in there. Until that moment, it hangs safely from my neck representing the most precious thing that I would hope to give someone one day.

Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

Gorgeous! I also have the most vivid and wild dreams... Keep up your amazing art. This one is just fabulous!

Red30 said...

I love this!!

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nikol.joi said...

I love this. Terribly need some are for my young daughters room. This would be beautiful. Please let me know when you have prints available or if you take custom orders. I love all the work that I've seen from you. Beautiful artistic images of black women/girls, gotta love that.

Shalini said...

I love your post and drawing.. Lovely thoughts..

Bonafyde said...

Love this illustration, just gorgeous and full of whimsical details! As for the locket, that' s deep Gurl. I say in the meantime place some affirmations in there along with a picture of you because you hold the key to your heart and you are worth it! ;)

____j said...

This is one of my favorite things that you've ever posted. I love it!

grummung said...

Sigh...Brianna, you are a being of incredibly beauty, within and without. Thank you for the wonderful mediations. Always. I've come to eagerly anticipate your posts! Be abundantly blessed :)