Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Black Girl Elements

Inky MichelleInky Jacqueline
Inky MarshaInky Simone
Inky LauraInky I - Mati

How are you all?

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Eve said...

Really nice, the 4th one just blows me away. That is so so pretty and has a depth to it, makes me keep staring at it. Very nice :D

Ciara said...

absolutely love!

kimvan said...

cuteness all around. Great job as usual, the hairstyles are wicked.

Joynana said...


Anonymous said...


Liz OT said...

Stunning work!

Micaela said...

these are really beautiful!

mysskay said...

simply. gorgeous.

DeadEyes. -_- said...

rather one dimensional work

trini david said...

i love these.

the second one is like rigid architecture, the last one almost like an untamed bush.. so different in structure. yet i don't know which i connect with more.

i couldn't help but notice the comment above about your work being one-dimensional, and i disagree.

i get what you say about your intention for your pieces to present new images of caribbean women, outside of the limited range we've come to know. and i can appreciate the value in that idea and the power of it.

and i feel i understand these paintings for you personally as an outlet for things that you feel, which i consider another beautiful dimension of this. and when you share the images, that so many others connect with them on that basis of 'this expresses my emotion' is also very interesting to me.

these also happen to be images of young women and its interesting to see sometimes very contemporary styling in the way the girls wear their hair or clothes (documentation?), and at other times they're like period pieces or styles inspired by eras past. and i've seen these drawings featured on a number of fashion blogs and hair blogs and i see them influencing the way people are styling themselves and i find that particularly interesting to watch. especially since i don't know that that's your intention.

and being trinidadian myself and considering the history of art here and self portraiture, this is actually something new i think. and even on the internet, young women artists making images of young women, i haven't seen it done this way. i think your references are different.. maybe from experiencing a culture with its own symbols and mixing (i'd be surprised to see a mccarthy painting with a fro & fist, which is from one set of cultural symbols, or a mccarthy painting with tears streaming etc., which is from another set of symbols or cues). i find that refreshing.

and i know someone who'd say the real thing to watch about all this is not the actual pieces but the presentation of a young woman in 2010 (with its all its connectedness), of & by herself, through these pictures and her descriptions of them. that the blog itself is the self portrait.

anyway.. i digress.

our experience determines what we can see, meaning sometimes that it limits that. hence the one dimensional comment. my opinion.

forgive the rant. i rally intended a short reply.


Littlest One said...

Stunning, heartfelt.. made my smile wider.:)