Saturday, 24 July 2010

Projects - Cc: Everybody

Sometime ago Rodell Warner and I took the secret excitement we got from reading personal ads and translated that into the most public form of advertisement we found in our immediate environment.

These are real ads. Really fascinating.

Cc: Everybody is installed at Studio (on the corner of Ariapita Avenue and Luis Street (pictured below) and at Brooklyn Bar (corner Roberts and Carlos streets, Woodbrook (images to follow)). Pieces are being offered for sale and will be on show for all of Erotic Art Week, 21-31 July, 2010.

Cc: Everybody

Classified, Confidential - Everybody

Cc: Everybody explores the notion of privacy in the public domain. The project engages two common local media: the personals that appear in the national newspapers ; and a form of guerrilla street advertising developed locally to promote public parties. The publication of these, sometimes explicit, personal ads in the national domain may be considered surprising, given the context of a conservative, post-colonial island community. Cc: Everybody captures these private bits of black and white content and reproduces them, verbatim, in a most public and colourful medium. Cc:Everybody presents and interrelates this contemporary dichotomy as erotic art.

Brianna McCarthy & Rodell Warner - Cc Everybody - Trinidad Guardian Classifieds - 8th February, 2010 (No. 4)Brianna McCarthy & Rodell Warner - Cc Everybody - Sunday Express Classifieds - 24th January, 2010

Brianna McCarthy & Rodell Warner - Cc Everybody - Installation View at Studio on Ariapita Avenue Port of Spain - IMG_2

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Booga said...

Good stuff! Love it.

Naarya said...

love your new logo on top.

Dasheen said...

CC: Everyone Indeed! So much to see and imbibe. Damn, but you are a righteous chick and I love what you're doing in the place. Thanks for love. I so dig this!