Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Promise Is A Promise

Cobo Town on Picadilly Street


Needless to say...I enjoyed Carnival. It was my first Carnival, if you can believe it, and I thinkI get why some say Carnival is their New Year celebration. It's rejuvenating and above all, therapeutic. The physical masks go on and the emotional masks come off. It think it's beautiful. Mas is beautiful.

Keep good,

Images in order (top left- bottom right): a Jam-it outside the NAPA, a burst of orange powder, Cobos rest on Nelson Street. Up top: possibly my favourite image, I love the texture.

J'ouvert Jammette


Myne Whitman said...

And so it is. Your pics are great!

di said...

Your joy is easy to spread,
by away, I think that Carnival is magic time, it opens the doors to new mind and possibility, that symbolizes the transformation.

Retromus-ik said...

You're so pretty!:) Carnival looks like a blast!

Nicole said...

OMG, you have such a doll face! :) lovely pic's. Wish I was there. It snowed here in New York!

mk said...

kisura brianna, you look joyous. though, being in a peaceful place in the caribbean with the joy of carnival is a double calm to those of us who live in big cities.

Diana said...

Whoa where are you? I hopped over here from I don't even know where and your artwork is amazing, and now I see photos from Port of Spain! Isn't Carnival just the best? I honestly think that you haven't lived if you haven't gone to T&T carnival.
Anyway, I'm just saying hi, from Jamaica. I'm just a scrapbooker--nutt'n speshal or anything, but just hailing you up.