Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Sunning and Shining

Maria Victoria

I'm back.
I've rested.
I'd like to rest some more.
I painted a little.
I took pictures.
I'm good and tired and smiling.

Feels like the last thing I remember, or just barely remember, was waking up at 11:30pm on New Year's Eve, getting dressed in an outfit I'm going to blame on waking up disillusioned and ringing in the new year with one sleepy nephew, one brother in law, one sister (for about 5 minutes) and RW. The rest has moved so quickly that's been a blur.

Hope things in your life are working together.
Keep good.

Keeping Haiti in prayer...Bon courage.
Trinis: there's a drop off point for foodstuff, blankets and clothing at
the COP flagship office on the corner of Broome and Tragarete. 9am - 3pm. Please label your donations.



That Kind of Girl said...

Those pictures look like signs of a nice winter vacation. Not totally sure what your New Year's Eve outfit looks like a sign of, though... ;-)

P.T said...

Amazing paintings again! Loving 'em...Happy new year!

Myne Whitman said...

Nice to have you back, great paintings as usual.

Anonymous said...

What do you do to stay inspired? Does it snow where you are? Maybe it's the snow . . . I'm really running low on fuel, and I don't know where to turn.

Naarya said...

gurl u look so pretty! :)
and nice painting again!

Fly Girl said...

I think your outfit is cute! Your latest paintings make me so happy. I'll have to check out your portfolio becuase every piece I see, I want!

Nicole said...

Welcome back! omg! Those paintings are so lovely! I want one sooo bad! I have to discuss buying one when my money is right! lol

ChinChin said...

I love them! The first one especially, there's something about her I can identify with, I'm not sure what though. And you should really think about fashion design!

You look great on the beach, like you really soaked up the sun rays =D .. send some sun my way!

MzNappyTrini said...

oh gosh Bri Bri! that outfit had meh rolling LMAO! the sneakers is wat just send it over the edge but u cute still AND I love the new work. keep it up!

ms.rubies said...

as usual, beautiful paintings. im glad you enjoyed your trip! welcome back bri...

Bri said...

TKOG: :) I dunno either.I looked at the pic the next day, looked at RW and said "you couldn't say something?!". He laughed.

Lois: Girl...the sneakers...and the socks. I was supposed to look cute! Instead I look like I wearing a nightie with sneakers and socks.
In my defense though, I look like I'm still asleep. :)

Anonymous said...

loving the cornrow painting and your cute sunny pics, I wish that I were somewhere WARM..cute 'fro puff to ,I need to get my hair that length so I can rock a cute puff

Catherine said...

Hello, Brianna,

I just discovered your blog and had to read it from start to finish, hungry for more. You are an amazingly talented young woman, and I wish you reap the recognition you fully deserve.

Your profile says you're self-taught? I'm in awe! Those girls/women you paint are marvellous, so soulful.

Again, thanks for those amazing outbursts of creativity! I'll second the poster above: how do you stay inspired?


Marjorie said...

Peace Bri!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and checkin' out my work. By accident I came across your work the other day and today I check my blog & you left a comment for me! That's Dope! I'm officially a fan of your work as well!

Stay Fly!
Marjorie (Yes Lioness)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your illustrations and came across your blog from ....and I am also a trini. Hope you have a positive and inspirational year and I look forward to reading more from your blog.

I will also pass on the information about where donations can be delivered.

Karen from Chookooloonks said...

I just found you, and hold up -- you're Trini, too? So glad to meet you!

You're AMAZINGLY talented. Really love your work. Always good to see my fellow Trinis represent. ;)

peenkfrik said...

I like her collar and her necklace too. :)

Nana said...

Yup, the situation in Haiti unsettles me. But I am positive that out of destruction, will come rebirth; a stronger, better Haiti.