Monday, 10 August 2009

I still have Joy


I'm doubting my choices...which is not a feeling I'm used to. You see, I need to know what the future will bring without waiting to see what happens. Silly, of course.
This is Joy. She turned out unlike the initial sentiment; much the way joy makes a problem bearable. I think of joy as the knowledge of what's good, what's honest and what's beautiful. I know it's there. It's cloudy and occluded sometimes; the vision is there, just obscure.
I still have Joy.


tracy j said...

funny, you said Joy and [i kid you not] my mind goes back to Proverbs 8/9 where WISDOM... a confident little woman... starts to speak to "the simple, the foolish" an dem. that's what i get from her.

i think if wisdom had a look, i think she would look like your Joy or be one of her sisters.

true talk though - no matter what, it's good to still have Joy. she makes yesterday passable, today bearable and tomorrow [in the least] tolerable.

tracy j h

ChinChin said...

Lovely! The colors are so vibrant, and the detail is impeccable!

Nana said...

I feel doubtful a lot, when t comes to men in my life, I guess this is because of my past relationship that was more hurtful than benefitial. Now, I walk on eggshells around men. It sycks. Joy is beautiful. And the colors, oh the colors. I wish I had your talent.

Retromus-ik said...

I love the longing in her eyes. Yes, joy is hopeful!

Passion.Fruit said...

Somehow, this post makes me uncomfortable. Not sure what the problem is. I think maybe I said too much...It's a weird feeling.

Thank you people!

Lion-ess said...

I love this painting of Joy so much! I'm going to email u now!

Execumama said...

Joy's eyes and big bold hair reeled me in, and kept me here. Thanks for sharing her.

Doubt is normal. What matters (more than occasional doubt) is whether you act on your goals/intentions or stay frozen in fear because of doubt. Doubt isn't an automatic show-stopper, it's more like a heckler in the crowd trying to throw you off your game, if you let him.

Anonymous said...

I think this is lovely. She is beautiful, as you are.

KissMyBlackAds said...

OK I'm loving these illustrations! You should be the fly girl of the week on fly blog! I'm going to put in a good word for you. Please go and check her out! and apply for fly girl of the week, I bet she chooses you!!!!

Yes you are that good. I'd like to feature you also.

Brandi said...

Hello ..

Thanks for stopping by my blog .. glad you found me, glad I found you. your style of art is unique and beautiful. i love love love your captures in your woman of color. gorgeous!

Patricia Grannum said...

I love it! She's gorgeous