Friday, 5 June 2009

Green Glitter and Graphite

I’m really quite sleepy. I spent all evening helping one of my sisters prepare for a company sports day. Their team colour is green; therefore, I was bejewelled with green glitter before my bath…and after my bath of course. It was fun though; the painting and glittering and gluing. And I got to bed at 2am on Thursday morning – talking, connecting, rediscovering liking someone so much it made me wince a little. That’s not necessarily a bad thing…just not always wise. So I am quite tired…pleasantly tired.

The framework for this actually began last year…or year before, I forget which, and I erased the majority of it and began again. The posture is essentially the same, the expression the same but more delicate.

I’m driven tonight {this morning right now} by a desire to make expressions which are organic, transparent and pure.

For me, exaggeration is not quite amplification so much as it is elemental expression. I see people in my mind who possess elements, features and out of these two come personalities. All of these ultimately reflect in the {Girl}.


Nana said...

Hey hun! I just noticed the picture slide at the bottom of the page! I love it, it's gorgeous. Especially seeing the colors in your drawings is something else. You should illustrate children books, this is what I see you doing. I get a lot of things done at night too, I tend to go to sleep when the light outside turns blue. As well, has a cool vlog about the martial atrs (with Floreta) check it out!

Anonymous said...

Love this! The post title made me think that you had added some glitter to your drawing. . . which got me thinking about a possible suggestion for you---I dunno if you like color, but maybe adding selective color to a part of the character that stands out (whether it be the gentle eyes, lips, or what they are wearing). It might be interesting!

Passion Fruit said...

Hey Nana, thanks! I do have and work in colour but I prefer black ink and graphite.

I'll check out that site.

Passion Fruit said...

Hey Aleesuhn, thanks so much for the suggestion! I do work in colour, you can see it on my portfolio site or in a slideshow at the bottom of the page....
I have never tried glitter in my work but I have a thing from bright, BRIGHT colours.


Lion-ess said...

lovely imagery... It's true what Nana said... I can see some nice children book illustrations coming from u.

Do u write stories?